Algus: kl 19:00
Toimumiskoht: SIP Tallinn
Palume võimalusel saabuda ca 10 minutit varem ja varuda aega orienteeruvalt 2h.

We offer the opportunity to issue the acquired training as an effective gift card:

Instead of a paper card, we can offer a digital gift card in PDF format by e-mail. A sample PDF gift card to send is HERE.

To issue a gift card, send us the order confirmation at with information whether you want a paper gift card by snail mail or a PDF version by e-mail, so that you can print it yourself or send it. If you choose a paper card, please also add the address where it should be sent.

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25 €

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NB! A valid reservation can be changed once and min. 3 working days before the tasting. Later changing is not possible because expenses are made according to the number of participants.

If you wish to change your reservation, send us an email at and add a new date or a link to a suitable training-tasting as a replacement. You can choose any training with free places. In case of a price difference, the difference must be paid in addition.